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Day: May 21, 2020

Happy National Wine Day!

Since 2009, wine lovers gather with friends and family around glasses, bottles, and decanters to celebrate National Wine Day every May 25th! The United States has an incredibly rich and surprisingly long history when it comes to grapes in the States, and to even scratch the surface is difficult in a limited blog post; however, we want to highlight a few vines that have taken root in our country and

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A Chameleon Grape: Chardonnay

Quick Shop of Chardonnays at a Wine Outlet closest to you: Chardonnays in Great Falls Chardonnays in McLean Chardonnays in Vienna   Showing Chardonnay so Love A.B.C. can stand for a lot of things. For TV, it’s the American Broadcasting Company. For gum, it’s Already Been Chewed. From our parents, it could be Always Be Careful. For wine drinkers, A.B.C. most often stands for Anything But Chardonnay. Undoubtedly, Chardonnay can

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