Description:FREE Delivery within 5 miles of all our stores applied at checkout or when you enter your delivery address.
(excluding holidays)




  • We are permitted to ship throughout Virginia and we use Fedex to do so. Fedex Shipping Policies.
  • Standard Fedex Shipping rates for wine apply to all shipped orders.
  • Per states laws we are permitted to ship to the following states: California; DC; Idaho; Louisiana; Nebraska; Nevada; New Mexico; North Dakota; Oregon; and Wyoming


  • We offer free delivery within a 10 mile radius of our stores and delivery for an additional fee within 5-10miles of our stores.
  • Delivery conditions that apply for all deliveries
    • Someone 21 or older must be present to receive the delivery.
    • They must have a valid government issued ID showing their age.
  • We require up to 48 hours to receive and process your order so if you need a delivery within 48 hours, please call us during our business hours or use Drizly.

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