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A Chameleon Grape  

May 21st is International Chardonnay Day, so we’re highlighting some of our favorites across our stores to show just how versatile and surprisingly delightful this wine can be. People are often surprised to know that they enjoy certain Chardonnays, and are even more surprised to learn that the Chardonnay grape is found in many Champagnes!


We have free weekly tastings Friday & Saturday at all of our locations to give you a chance to try all the different sides of our carefully chosen selection!

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    To replace our in-store weekly tastings and events, we’re bringing you video content each week that dives into the tasting notes and backgrounds of featured wines, LIVE virtual wine tastings with incredible Winemakers from across the country, and fresh content delivered right to your inbox when you subscribe to our newsletters! Join us for all of these events, link with us on social for weekly features and tasting videos, and join our email list to be the first to know what we’re planning for the coming weeks. 

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