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Shop. Earn. Redeem!

Our loyalty program rewards all of you who have not only helped us stay in business during tough times, but who keep bringing us your business month after month. You are the most important and valued part of our business and we are thrilled to roll out this entire program for you!


To take advantage of this incredible loyalty program ensure you have an account with us right now, join our email list, and start shopping and enjoying these perks! It is entirely free to join.


Create your account for free and claim your rewards by clicking the person shaped icon next to the shopping cart icon at the top right of every page. 


Purchase Amazing Wine & Beer:

  1. Browse our perfectly curated collection of wines, beers, cheeses, etc.
  2. Then select which items you want to try and check out! You can purchase in-store, online, or through our app. 
  3. Confirm your account creation and be sure all your information is correct. 
  4. Join our email list! And be the first to know about collections, drops, & more.

Refer Your Network:

Unlock discounts for every referral you make by sending your unique referral code to anyone you want!


When anyone you referred makes a purchase using your code, they will receive 10% off their first purchase and YOU will receive $10 off your next purchase.


So what are you waiting for? Start sharing right now by clicking the button below to receive your code (must download our app to receive your code).


Earn Cash Back:

You will accrue cash rewards for every single purchase you make. Yes! You read that right! Every. Single. Purchase. So even when you make a purchase with a discount code, you will earn on the money you spend. Both in-store and online! 1% for on every dollar spent. 


You will also get cashback to spend online for every person you refer who makes a purchase. $10 for every referral who makes a purchase.


Why are we willing to do this? 

Because when you give us your business we know how valuable that is and are all about thanking our customers in impactful ways. 


You have access to all your rewards in your account. You can track your progress and the discounts you've accrued anytime using your logins online or on our app. If you have not yet downloaded our app, we highly recommend doing so! It is one of the easiest ways to shop and track your purchases.


Once you've accrued $5 in cash back, you can start using your earnings on any purchase of any amount. Meaning, we have no minimum spend requirement once you earn the discounts! 

How do you take advantage of this program?

First and foremost, to track all of your points, discounts, and purchases, you need to create your account with us online AND download our app to track your account on the go and make purchases from anywhere at any time. Once you create your account, we will link your in-store purchases to your account so you have all your shopping and discount information available whenever and wherever you may be.