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Surprise and delight everyone with an elegant wine and food gift basket. These baskets are perfect for events, corporate gifts, team thank yous, client appreciations, and everything in between! Place your order below with your preferred store. 


3 Standard Sizes: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium

3 Standard Flavor Profiles: Sweet, Savory, and Sweet + Savory

Add as many baskets to your order as you need this holiday!


To place any size gift basket order, you can add the items to your cart, or you can use the red buttons here to email your closest Wine Outlet location with your order. Whatever way you choose to order, please note recipients' names and addresses for us so we can make sure your gift gets to the right people.

Mini Baskets

Savory Foods + Wine Baskets in 3 Sizes

Sweet Foods + Wine Baskets in 3 Sizes

Sweet + Savory Foods + Wine Baskets in 3 Sizes