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Great People, Great Wine, Great Prices.

We understand the beliefs and emotions involved with purchasing wine and great beer. We also know you don’t want to have to drive far for either. So, we provide a local, inviting spot to discover new producers and exciting varietals, while offering all the convenience of free pickup and local delivery. Whether you like to shop in-store, online, or even through an app on your phone, we specialize in providing you the best options.

Our Story

We believe buying wine should be as enjoyable and easy as drinking it and in our stores, it is! To create a space for people to do this, we opened the first Wine Outlet in Vienna, VA with the hope of making wine culture more accessible and welcoming through excellent selections at affordable pricing and knowledgeable staff ready to help when needed. As we open more stores, we continue to build a destination to buy high quality wine and beer without the burden of high pricing or over-whelming options.


We carefully curate each store’s selection of wine, beer, and food to make your choices simpler. Our staff is always available to guide your selection process and answer any questions you might have. While we hand select each item, we also know that you may have something specific in mind. So, if you do not see a wine in our selection that you would like, let us know and we can get it for you.


We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the perfect bottle (or bottles!)!

Benefits for Our Customers

  • 3 ways to shop: in-store, online, through an app
  • Loyalty program with multiple ways to earn
  • Free pickup
  • Delivery offered: free within 5 miles
  • Access to unique producers 
  • Access to better pricing
  • Knowledgeable and inclusive staff 

Career Opportunities

Looking to start or continuing a career in wine?
Does the entrepreneurial spirit of small business excite you?
Do you love working with customers directly?