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A Spotlight on Jermann

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Every so often, a wine truly hooks us and almost demands that we dive deeper into the those who make it. This is exactly how Jermann’s 2017 Sauvignon Blanc from Friuli-Venezia Julia impacted us here at the Wine Outlet. Below we want to briefly touch on what makes this winery a special one, and highlight two additional wines that we have in stock from this elite producer from Northeastern Italy.

Situated near the Slovenian border, Winemaker Silvio Jermann is carrying on his great-grandfather’s legacy of producing wines of exceptional quality with a slight twist through the Jermann winery. Eventually making his way to Friuli from Austria, Anton Jermann’s Austrian influence shows itself in Jermann’s Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is crisp from its acid retained by Friuli’s cool climate, and there are notes of fresh grass and white pepper in the wine which is common from Austrian Gruner Veltliner. The notes are not overpowering but are indicative of the style of Silvio’s wines. All of these components considered, this Sauvignon Blanc stylistics sits very nicely between New Zealand and French Sauvignon Blanc. The wine holds hints of passionfruit and grapefruit, stereotypical of New Zealand, while also maintaining crisp mineral-driven acidity and citrus commonly found in France’s Sauvignon Blancs from the Loire Valley. This is a must try, especially at a price point that is hard to come by.

Winemaker Silvio Jermann from Jermann: https://www.jermann.it/_uk/silvio_jermann

Another crisp white wine that we love from this winery is their “Vinnae,” which is predominantly comprised of a grape called Ribolla Gialla and a small percentage of Riesling as well as an undisclosed local variety. Ribolla Gialla is commonly found in Friuli, and the grape is notable for its notes of apple, tangerine, and citrus. This crisp porch-sipper is more than just that. It is almost made for fresh fish with its bright lemon zest aroma and almost waxy texture; however, its clean and lean style makes it a perfect aperitif as well.

A view of Jermann’s estate vineyards from Hotel De’Ricci Roma: https://www.hoteldericci.com/en/jermann-winery/

Finally, we must discuss Jermann’s exquisite Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) called “Red Angel.” This Pinot Noir boasts soft, delicate tannins and crisp acidity despite it being a 2014. In no way is this wine tired, and its aging in French oak barrels gives it a slightly sweet vanilla note along with cherries, cranberries, and underripe strawberries. This is complex wine worthy of any Pinot Noir drinker’s palate.

As notes this exceptional collection from Jermann is available for purchase through the links above. Happy sipping and cheers!

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