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Ciders Perfect For Fall

Fri, Dec 02, 22

Ciders available in

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As the summer comes to a close and fall is just around the corner, we want to share one of our favorite autumn beverages: cider! Crisp, sweet or dry, delicious, and bubbly, hard ciders are a perfect drink to have as the weather turns a touch cooler. The ciders mentioned below are linked to above, so try them to find your favorite style of cider.

Blue Bee Tavern from Wine Enthusiast: https://www.winemag.com/2017/11/07/richmond-virginias-congenial-modern-food-and-drink-scene/

Like wine, cider is made from fermented fruit but instead of grapes its apples. Like grapes, while ripening, the fruit is tested for sugar content, acid, and tannin before being picked to ensure both consistency and optimal ripening. Blue Bee Cider from Richmond, VA uses heirloom Virginia apples in their ciders such as their Aragon 1904. This cider is semi-dry with a hint of sweetness from the apples. This is Blue Bee’s best-selling cider, and, according to Blue Bee it “pairs well with many dishes making it suitable for special occasions, barbecues, or just by itself…” For those who like their ciders bone dry, Blue Bee’s Charred Ordinary cider has basically no sugar, made from a variety of heirloom apples, and pairs excellently with richer dishes and cheeses. These ciders are only available in Vienna, but call your local Wine Outlet for more information!

1911’s Cider House from Syracuse University: https://nccnews.newhouse.syr.edu/how-cider-is-made-at-1911-cider-house/

For another dry cider, we highly recommend 1911’s Original Hard Cider. Located in Lafayette, NY, 1911 is a family-owned distillery, cider house, and tavern. Their Original Hard Cider “combines the crispness of freshly picked apples with a clean, refreshing finish. A balanced and perfectly tart cider aged with American oak.” We find the cider to be excellently complex and ready for fall! Try these ciders among other listed at our three location, happy sipping, and cheers!

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