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Our Commitments to you during Coronavirus Quarantine: In-store, Pickup & Delivery

Fri, Dec 02, 22

Our passion is not only for wine. We are dedicated to serving you as our customers and as our neighbors to the best of our ability. Above all, we hope our Wine Outlet family is taking care of themselves, their families, their mental health, and their day-to-day needs during this uncertain time.

Like you, we are doing all we can to promote the wellbeing of our staff and customers. We aim to be your trusted neighbors and friends no matter what, and we plan to be here for you during the worst of this as best we can without putting our employees at risk. We will do all we can to continue providing you with the best wines at the best prices, so please read below to see some of our new options and offerings. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call one of our stores using the numbers below or email us at info@thewineoutlets.com.


How does the Coronavirus affect wine?

We all see the projections for the virus, so we won’t launch into that right now; however, there are many factors that affect the wine industry, small businesses, and retail spaces.  We are relying on the experts at the W.H.O., the C.D.C., and state and federal government directives to inform the best way of conducting business.

Some of the facts and local sources driving our decisions, that we monitor daily are:


    • Virginia declared a state of emergency on March 12th
    • Schools are closed in Fairfax County through April 10th
    • Restrictions on gatherings of 50 people or more
    • Suggested or mandatory work from home from employers
    • Social Distancing recommended by health and government officials

Local Sources

Armed with all this information (and so much more), the only thing to ask now is ‘what are we going to do about it?’ Our solution is to continue to get you our wines and other products in a way that is both socially responsible and convenient for you!


Our Commitment In-Store

If Webster’s had a phrase of the year (instead of a word) for 2020, it would be social distancing. We believe this does not have to be solely an inconvenience.  We see an opportunity to serve you, our customers, better. Here are a few immediate in-store steps we are taking:

  • Display the best practices for hygiene, downloaded from the W.H.O.
  • Every surface will be disinfected and will be cleaned regularly throughout the day
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available to staff & customers
  • All employees regularly wash hands as recommended by the W.H.O.
  • We will suspend in-store tasting, events, & classes until further notice
  • We will commit to best social distancing practices as advised by the global health community


Our Commitment to get you Your Wine & Beer

All our inventory is available online to order for pick-up or delivery! Select the store closest to you and we will deliver to you for free, if you live up to 10 miles away.


Other Things to Look Out For From Us

  1. To Stay Up-to-date:
  2. We love talking about, reading about, and writing about wine, so be on the lookout for articles, blog posts, and other multimedia on fermented grape juice!


So to wrap this up, if you need Vermouth for your ‘Quarantinis,’ some stouts to wait this out, fresh cheese to enhance a frozen pizza or just good Cab without a Coronavirus reference, we have your back.  Stay safe, stay well, and stay happy. And as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Your neighborhood wine shop, The Wine Outlet

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