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Next in our series of virtual tasting events is a look at the wines of Campi Valerio with Sharon Gardner on June 11th. Campi Valerio is located in the province of Isernia in the western part of Molise. As Italy’s second smallest region, the wines from the mountainous terrain of Molise are not in wide supply in the U.S., but after trying these wines from Campi Valerio, we hope you’ll start seeking out more of these hidden gems! If you haven’t already, you can RSVP for the event here!

City of Monteroduni in the province of Isernia, Italy, near Campi Valerio. From Molise Review:

About Molise

Molise is located on the eastern side of Italy along the Adriatic Sea, with Abruzzo to its north and Puglia and Campania to its south and southwest, respectively.  While Molise has a very long history of grape cultivation (wines have been growing in the region at least as far back as 500 BC), it only gained its independence as a region in the 1960s, and until then, it was a part of its larger and more famous neighbor to the north, Abruzzo.

Molise holds two provinces, Campobasso that runs from the shoreline of the Adriatic sea inland (about 66% of Molise) and Isernia, located in the higher altitude, fully mountainous region in the West. Vineyards cover a bit under 25,000 acres of land (just over 2% of total acreage for the region), with annual production of 4.3 million cases of wine, of which only 2% has DOC status. While four million cases may seem like a lot of wine, it is actually a relatively small amount for an entire wine region. To provide some context, Kendall Jackson alone produces more than three million cases, with the entire Jackson family lineup putting out over five million cases a year.

The most common grape varieties in Molise are Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Aglianico, and Tintilia for reds and Trebiano, Pinot Grigio, and Falanghina for whites. Of those varieties, Tintilia is of particular note, as it is indigenous to Molise. Once the most widely planted grape in the region, after WWII, its acreage was gradually replaced with other more fecund varieties until it was on the verge of extinction. Thankfully, a few producers began to champion the grape and its history, resulting in a DOC created just for the grape in 2011: “Tintilia del Molise.” While plantings have increased, it still only represents roughly 10% of total production.

Central/Southern Italian wine regions from Wine Folly:

About Campi Valerio

Campi Valerio is located near the town of Monteroduni in the province of Isernia in Molise. The Valerio family has deep ties to the region, tracing them back to the area since 1836. The current operation began in 2004 on an estate formerly owned by the Pignatelli family, a line of ancient Italian nobles dating back to 900 AD.  The Valerio family currently cultivates 35 acres of vineyards, 70 acres of olive groves, and hundreds of sheep and cattle on their lands.  In all of their works, they focus heavily on sustainability and conscientious approaches to their endeavors. Below is a list of the wines we will be tasting, and look below for links to purchase and sip with us.


2018 Campi Valerio Falanghina “Fannia”
Straw yellow color, with floral notes and yellow fruit. Fresh, balanced with a strong minerality.
Retail: $13.99, Our Price: $10.99


2017 Campi Valerio Rosso del Molise “Calidio”
“A pretty red with raspberry coulis and a touch of balsamic and citrus. Medium-bodied, bright and round on the finish. Drink now.” – 90 Points James Suckling
Retail: $13.99, Our Price: $10.99


2016 Campi Valerio Tintilia del Molise “Opalia”
91 Points James Suckling
Retail: $22.99, Our Price: $17.99


Order online of call for this Molise Collection from:

McLean or (703) 288 2970

Great Falls or (571) 459 2170

Vienna or (703) 639 0155

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