National Rosé Day 2020!

The history of National Rosé Day is a long and rich one that goes back hundreds and hundreds of days. In 2014, a Swedish company, Bodvár House of Rosés, got National Rosé Day recognized in the U.S. as the second Saturday of June. This company wanted to “raise awareness and give Rosé lovers a day to celebrate with ‘summer’s water’…” Clearly, when it comes to Rosé awareness, we all think of a Swedish luxury/lifestyle company, so thank you to Bodvár House of Rosés. We are onboard and ready to help!


For this year, and the fifth annual observance, we want to focus on one of our favorite American Rosés, discuss Rosé in the States, and talk a bit about Rosé styles. Renegade Wine Company’s 2019 Rosé from the Columbia Valley in Washington State has been a staple for us at the Wine Outlet, so why not celebrate it on its special day? Please find links below to pickup a bottle and celebrate with us!


About Renegade Wine Co. and Their Rosé


Renegade Wine Company is a project started by winemaker and co-owner of Sleight of Hand Cellars, Trey Busch. Trey’s goal was to make wines out of premium quality grapes that can be sold at a fraction of what consumers might expect them to cost. Trey began with Sleight of Hand Cellars in 2000, and he has been responsible for some of the most characterful and expressive wines coming out of Washington. The 2019 Renegade Rosé is no exception.

Sleight of Hand’s Upland Vineyard in Washington’s Columbia Valley from Sleight of Hand:


Like their Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay bottlings, Renegade produces Rosé that is affordable without skimping on quality. Like classic French Rosés from the Southern Rhone Valley and Provence, the 2019 Renegade Rosé is comprised of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Cinsault (GSM with a bit of C – for Rhone wine lovers). Also, like Southern French Rosé, the wine is a lighter pink indicating limited skin contact (please see our additional Rosé blog for more information on Rosé winemaking); however, the wine is not limited to fruit notes more closely associated with white wine like peach, melon, or apples. For the wine’s tasting notes, Trey writes, “It has layers of red fruits like pomegranates and strawberries…balanced with fresh, crisp acidity.” Trey recommends drinking the wine with loved ones outside and enjoying some BBQ. Not only is it the time for exactly that, but BBQ is a fantastic pairing with many Rosés including this example – trust us and trust Trey!


A Quick Word on American Rosé


Rosé is the fastest growing category of wine in the United States, and Rosé has even eclipsed white wine sales in France. Often, when we think of Rosé from around the world, Provence, France comes to mind with its quintessential lighter color, melon, peach, and strawberry notes, as well as its more floral undertones. Provence is a large area with a diverse array of wine, but, particularly in the U.S. market, there is a bit of an expectation surrounding some of these characteristics. This is where the U.S. can distinguish itself with regard to Rosé. There are far fewer regulations that American winemakers are bound by with regard to winemaking practices and grape selection. If a winemaker in California wants to make Rosé from Nebbiolo, Tempranillo, or Cabernet Franc all they have to do is go for it! France, Spain, and Italy are governed by stricter limitations, so look for the United States to continue to grow and diversify its Rosé market and catalog.

The many shades of Rosé from Wine Folly:


For now, and for this National Rosé Day, try out this delicious pink wine from Renegade Wine Company, let us know what you think, and we will be back for International Rosé Day in late June for more picks!

Order Renegade Rosé from your most convenient Wine Outlet:



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