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Larry knows his wine and wants to share the best bottles he can find with you! So, he's curated the top 6 wines you need to try this season and all bottles are yours when you're an exclusive Grand Crew member. Check out the rest of the membership benefits below and sign up today.

Larry Tried a Bunch of American Wines - Can You Guess Which Ones He Picked?

We will announce his selections 2 weeks before the event. But for now, take a look at many of the wines he tasted and see if you can guess which ones will be a part of his final selection for you.

All Member Benefits (Grand Crew Only)

This Grand Crew membership is unique because you will get all 6 bottles from Larry's collection each quarter for the price of your $100 subscription fee. A collection of 6 bottles is valued at $125 or greater depending on the specific selections Larry chooses. 

A Note From Larry

2024 is gearing up to be an action-packed year! I cannot wait to see you all at our first Larry Wine Club event of the year to catch up on everything happening in the Presidential Primary. My friends at The Wine Outlet and I are kicking off the year the best way we know how – with an ALL-AMERICAN WINE TASTING! That’s right, we’re staying domestic, folks. We’re curating an unbelievable collection of wines from across this beautiful country, and we are so excited to share them with you. Oh, and we may just have an extra special bottle that came from an unnamed presidential candidate’s winery. I’ll give you a hint … the grapes weren’t grown in Delaware! So don’t miss out on a wonderful evening of wine tasting with a dash of political commentary. Excited to see you there!

Club FAQs

Grand Crew FAQs

What do I get with my membership?

What don't you get is the better question! Each quarter you get all 6 wines from Larry's collection, priority access to all Club tastings, including exclusive access to talk with Larry and the wine experts before the event. You get tasting tickets for yourself and up to 5 guests and you can all taste all 6 wines for free. You get a surprise gift each quarter and personal communications from Larry delivered to your inbox. 

How often am I charged and how much?
The card you signed up with is charged $100 once per quarter (i.e. every 3 months).

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes - you have access to manage your account to cancel at anytime you wish. You can manage your account online or through The Wine Outlet's convenient app (available for all phones).

Can I bring guests to the event?
Yes! You can bring up to 5 guests with you to each event. (If you have more you would like to bring, simply send a note to jules@thewineoutlets.com and she will take care of you).

Why did Larry choose The Wine Outlets?
The selection is the best in the area and the prices are unmatched! Its also tough to find people as friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible as the people at The Wine Outlet. Ask Larry about this when you see him!

Newsletter FAQs

What does a newsletter sign up get me?

Get updates from Larry about his Wine Club in your inbox and hear about the exclusive events and opportunities he's creating with The Wine Outlets. 

Can I join the Grand Crew at any time? 
Yes! Use any of the buttons on this page to sign up at any time. 

Can I still attend a tasting without a Grand Crew membership? 
Yes! You are welcome to join us for the tasting events (you and 1 guest), to meet Larry, and hear about all the wines. However, you will only be able to taste 3 of the wines without a purchase or membership so we encourage you to consider joining to get ALL the perks of the Grand Crew club. You do still need to RSVP to be able to join. You can RSVP here